Shopping with a conscience can impact lives

Monte & Co believe we all have a social and ethical responsibility when making purchasing choices for our four-legged children. Our “Considered” collection consists of products sourced from curated supplier partners who share the same values and heart as us, ie. caring for and protecting animal (and human) welfare, and our planet.

We want to provide customers an opportunity to make “considered” choices by shopping with a conscience and be confident in knowing that each purchase from this collection will go towards giving back to the community and/or caring for the environment in some way. Together we can make a difference, one life at a time 🐾

Eco-friendly packaging

Monte & Co are horrified by the amount of plastic that is created and used (most of which is not recycled). We want to help change how Australia and the world ships and be more “considered” in our approach to the environment. We have therefore partnered with a couple of Australian-owned companies (Hero Packaging & noissue) so that, where possible, most of our customers’ orders are packed in sustainable and/or compostable packaging, thus friendly to the environment. Together we can make a difference, one eco-friendly packaging at a time 🌏

Shop the considered collection

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