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Hello! Whether you’re new or have shopped with us before, thanks for taking the time to drop by and check us out online! If you’re in this section of our website, no doubt you’re curious to know who we are and how we’ve come about…

We’re Monte & Coby, a couple of middle-aged Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who are the co-CEOs and inspiration behind Monte & Co. We are supported by human employees, our parents and occasional freelancers. Given our regal roots, we know what we like, and we also know what we don’t like. In our younger years, we were dressed in ugly ill-fitting jumpers, harnesses and shoes that don’t fit properly (let alone look decent), forced to eat and drink from ugly plastic bowls that are so low to the ground that it makes our necks hurt, beds that don’t give us much neck, back or leg support (we like propping our chins and legs on something raised), the list goes on .. am sure you’re getting our drift…?!

The tipping point for our family was when our parents sold our last home back in early 2020. Every time an open home inspection was on or when a buyer’s advocate and their clients were coming, all our toys, bedding, feeding bowls, clothing, shoes, leashes, etc disappeared pretty quickly (even us!). Apparently, the stylist said all our stuff didn’t complement the interior design of our home. Our mum got quite annoyed at this given everything she had bought for us till that point was from the local pet store BUT we were excited because when mum gets annoyed she usually does something about it. And sure enough, she did

As she started researching, negotiating and sourcing stuff for us, we got to enjoy wearing, playing and using new stuff that were actually nice looking and comfortable. Other fur babies and their parents even started noticing us more on our walks. They wanted what we had and some also wanted stuff that even we didn’t have at the time. Mum has since been busy sourcing stuff for pet parents so if you want stuff for your fur babies that don’t need to be hidden away when visitors come to your house, then why not try Monte & Co for your next pet shopping experience?

Whilst we started out as personal shoppers for discerning pets and pet lovers pre-Covid, we decided to extend our services online during Covid lockdown. We quietly experimented and built our online showroom (a.k.a. website) during 2020 and didn’t get round to completing it until late 2020 due to unprecedented online orders. So each time when we get asked when did Monte & Co officially launch? The honest answer is ‘we do not know!’. We decided to prioritise fulfilling orders over working on our official launch in 2020. To this very day, our priority hasn’t changed. We are still passionate about sourcing and curating aesthetically beautiful, practical & unique pet products with the aim of providing our clients high-end solutions that complement the lifestyle of stylish pets and humans. We have curated supplier partnerships within Australia and overseas which allow us to deliver you functionally beautiful products and bespoke collections at exclusive prices.

What you see in our online showroom is just a taste of our curated style (think ‘functional minimalism’). We have other products that are available offline or can only be accessed through our local and international supplier relationships. Since the lifting of Melbourne lockdown restrictions in late 2021, we constructed a mini basement showroom, exclusively available for viewing/shopping via private appointment only. This has proved to be popular for our private (offline) clients who prefer to bring their pets in for private fittings as well as Click & Collect customers. Our original motivation for offering Free Click & Collect was to reduce our carbon pawprint and to offer a more sustainable and convenient shopping experience for clients who are already in the CBD for work, rest and/or play.

So whatever reason you find yourself in Melbourne CBD, drop us a line via any of our online and social media channels. We’d love to meet you and your fur child/ren and learn how we can best serve your needs. We also provide complimentary gift wrapping for personal/corporate gifts or special occasions.

If you are seeking something more specific that you cannot find on our online showroom, let us know and we will do what we can to source it for you. In any event, we strive to maintain quality and integrity in all our dealings from all levels of the supply chain, including supporting suppliers who adopt ethical and sustainable practices.

We offer you and your fur babies an opportunity to discover curated pet products that offer fashion, functionality and flair to complement your family’s modern lifestyle. Fur babies like us are part of the family too and whilst we can’t talk, we appreciate style and comfort like most humans too!

If you’ve read this far, thank you so much for your time and support. We look forward to servicing your pet needs, online and/or offline.

Woofs & kisses,

Monte & Coby

Co-CEOs | Monte & Co

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