Dogs’ perspective during the COVID-19 pandemic


We have no idea what is happening in the world right now but we know something is up…!

  1. People used to pat us all the time without asking and now they stand at a distance with some funny things over their faces. We’re not complaining, we never liked being patted by random people and certainly never liked our walking/sniffing time interrupted anyway!
  2. We used to share lifts & elevators with people (in fact we used to get stepped on quite a bit which was annoying) and now people actually get out of the elevators and let us have it all to ourselves. Sweet!
  3. The parks and gardens that mummy and daddy bring us for our outings used to be full of people lying around and doing all sorts of weird things, now it’s pretty empty. Again, not complaining about this at all. It means we don’t have to walk around people, especially when we’ve caught a scent of a possum and our noses are down and we’re on a mission to find it!
  4. Mummy (and sometimes daddy, if mummy is tied up) used to come home every 3-4 hours or so to bring us out for walkies and wees. Now both mummy and daddy are home pretty much all the time, yay! Sadly they don’t have a lot of time to play with us during the day…and we are getting a bit booored… but that’s ok, mummy has given us some new treat toys that we’re enjoying quite a lot (she knows to not bother giving us anything that don’t have treats inside of it). You can check out what we’re loving right now here: this one’s a bit of a slippery sucker but with a bit of heavy teeth action we eventually get every treat out (ps. we’ve taken out our frustrations on this toy and few times and we can’t seem to break or chew it off for some reason which sometimes frustrates us even more!); and this one looks like a toothbrush but it’s way more fun as we get to lick and chew it on OUR terms and can control it with our paws. It keeps us entertained for about an hour and we sometimes fall asleep as we’re licking and chewing it. Mummy and daddy love this treat toy because it cleans our teeth but we love it because mummy and daddy put smooth peanut butter inside! (the non-toxic kind of course) 😋
  5. Every couple of months, mummy and daddy used to bring us on a car ride adventure where we get to stay at a big house with a big garden, sometimes with neighbours who have noisy chickens that wake us up very early in the mornings, lazy cows that don’t do much during the day, pigs that snort more than us and horses that do the biggest poos we’ve ever seen (oh in case you’re wondering, those horse poos definitely won’t fit in one of those nice eco-friendly biodegradable and compostable poo bags that we sell on Monte & Co). Mummy and daddy told us the other day that we won’t be going on any car ride adventures anytime soon. Heart broken 💔
  6. Our paws used to be washed about 1-2 times a day before bedtime but now mummy has upped her craziness to pretty much every single time we come back from being outside 😬 We pretty much get a bath before bedtime now but at least it’s with warm water and with some all natural nice smelling shampoo & conditioner that makes our fur and paws nice & soft. The biggest upside of all is that we get treats before bedtime now so it’s actually not so bad!
  7. We have a collection of pet collars and harnesses in our wardrobe and our leather ones are our favourite – I guess because it’s vegan and feels much lighter around our neck…? Anyway we are wearing these more than the others of late. We actually prefer these to the other ones we have anyway. Mummy says it’s easier to clean and she gives these vegan leather collars a good wipe down everyday. 
  8.  We recently moved into the city and whilst we’re pretty much city dogs that’s used to city noises, there are two types of noises that we will NEVER get used to: 1. fireworks and 2. people screaming and yelling at the top of their lungs outside their balcony windows (what is worse, some were banging pots and pans which freaked us out even more). Coby is the most frightened out of us two. When he freaks out, mummy usually puts his anxiety vest on him and hide him under a bunch of cushions and pillows to calm him down. As funny and strange as it sounds, it works a dream for Coby.
  9. We used to have one set of dog bowls for both morning and evening feeding time, now we seem to have two sets to ensure that we have fresh bowls for every meal. These are our morning feeding bowls (swish looking aren’t they?) and these are our evening feeding bowls (we don’t mind these ones as it means we don’t need to lower our necks too much to eat). Our favourite favourite bowl in the whole world right now is our water bowl. This is because our ears don’t get wet and mucky (which mummy hates). We noticed when this bowl gets cleaned (which is at least once a day) we get another water bowl that looks the same but with a really cool design on it. Mummy’s cleaning craziness mean we have many many bowls…we’ve lost count.. 
  10. We used to visit a few local pet-friendly cafes during the week when we’re allowed to accompany mummy on some of her meetings. Now most of these cafes have closed but we’re so glad our favourite cafe is still opened! For some reason we’re not allowed to stay anymore but Uncle Dean, Uncle Steve or Aunty Sunga still give us our special doggycino when we pick up mummy & daddy’s home meal packs for the week. Mummy says it’s good to always support small businesses so if our takeaway doggycinos help support our local economy in some way then we’re certainly not complaining!

So there you have it. Whilst we don’t know exactly what’s going on in the world right now, the above are just some things we’ve noticed that’s changed in OUR world.

To all the pet parents reading this, thank you for your time and please give extra TLC to your four-legged children. We know two-legged children are usually given more priority in a home so a million thanks to parents who haven’t forgotten about their four-legged children during these strange times. We are part of your family too and we suspect that your working from home a bit more nowadays is not a holiday for you and that whatever you are doing on your PCs/laptops, phones, etc are somehow allowing us to continue living the life that we’re accustomed to – THANK YOU!

Stay clean, stay safe and stay home (we LOVE having you home more!)

Much love,

Monte & Coby


(Ambassadors of Monte & Co)


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