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We have curated a selection of luxury pet lifestyle apparel and accessories that offer shoppers an opportunity to shop with a conscience. Our curated supplier partners within our Considered Collection share the same heart and values as us, ie. to care for and protect animal (and human) welfare, and our planet. Every “considered” purchase goes towards giving back to the community and/or the environment in some way. Monte & Co believe in the power of unity, and that together, we can make a difference, one life at a time 🐾

Shop our curated ‘Spring Essentials’ Collection  

As Spring and the warmer/wet season is upon us in the southern hemisphere, now’s the time to think about Spring essentials for your pet. See below for some curated inspiration from our top 2 Australian suppliers (Sebastian Says & Essential Dog) for your browsing & shopping pleasure.

Our curated ‘Spring Essentials’ Collection of designer ‘trench-style’ raincoats by Sebastian Says comes in 3 glamorous & timeless colours (cobalt blue, gold and soft pink). These stunning investment pieces ooze ‘functional luxury’ for pampered pets with discerning taste. We’ve secured a limited number of stock in selected sizes across 3 colours & are accepting orders now.

All our organic skin & grooming products in the Essential Dog range target common problems (especially heightened at this time of the year) such as ear irritation, sensitive and/or itchy skin, dry snouts and/or cracked or sore paws or even excessive shedding of fur/hair. These remedial products provide 100% safe & natural solution for your pet’s skin and grooming needs. 

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